Mosaic US leans more towards the aromatic range of dual purpose hops. More than capable of bittering, thanks to its high Alpha acid content; however, its true power comes from the tropical and earthy flavours it infuses into your brews. Mosaic’s flavour profile covers a wide assortment, some brewers have been able to acquire hints of Tangerine, Blueberry, and Rose blossoms within their brews. Some brewers have even claimed to coax a Bubblegum-esk aroma from the Mosaic US strain.

Mosaic US’ strengths are best put to use in both Indian and American Pale Ales. however, Mosaic’s wide assortment of aromas makes it a marvellous addition to many different styles of beer.

Alpha acid: 11.5%-13.5%
Aroma profile:
Citrus – Tropical fruits – Floral – Earthy
Possible Substitutes:
Citra – Simcoe

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